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Civil litigation is a key part of our practice at Morrissey, Morrissey & Rydzik, LLC. We recognize the important role that civil courts play in resolving disputes and bringing at-fault parties to justice for their wrongdoing. If you need counsel as a plaintiff (injured party) or defendant (allegedly at-fault party) in any type of civil case, we are here to protect your interests. Our Connecticut civil litigation lawyers have experience on both sides of the civil justice system. We know how to use this extensive experience to secure better results for every client.

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What Is Civil Litigation?

The civil justice system offers a valuable way for individuals and businesses to seek a fair resolution when they have been wronged or injured due to malpractice, negligence, or carelessness. In civil court, one may sue for monetary damages to recoup losses, economic and non-economic in nature. The civil justice system operates independently from the criminal justice system, where one may face charges for violating the law and penalties such as imprisonment, fines, and probation.

Civil Litigation Matters We Handle

At Morrissey, Morrissey & Rydzik, LLC, we are committed to our clients. We recognize the power of hard work and meticulous preparation, and how far this can go in civil law matters. These can be highly complex and building a successful argument may be particularly challenging. We go the extra mile to apply our knowledge and experience to each case we take on.

Some of the areas of civil litigation that we handle include:

  • Employment disputes
  • Civil rights matters
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • General civil litigation

How to File a Civil Law Claim

If you believe you have been wronged and would like to file a civil claim in Connecticut, the first thing to do is ensure you have a viable case worth pursuing. Lawsuits can be very time-consuming and costly, so you should never file a claim unless you are confident in your case and have no other options to resolve it.

By consulting with an experienced civil law attorney during a free consultation, you can have all your questions and concerns addressed so you can move forward with confidence. When you reach out to Morrissey, Morrissey & Rydzik, LLC about a civil law claim, we will look at the validity of your claim and the strength of your evidence in order to provide honest and straightforward guidance regarding whether you should pursue the claim.

Once you have decided to file, you can choose whether to work with an attorney or pursue the case on your own. Since civil law claims involve numerous steps and procedures, complicated paperwork, and strict time limits, working with a lawyer will make the process far more effective and efficient. We highly recommend retaining an attorney unless you are already well versed in this field of law.

While most civil claims settle outside of court, some cases do end up making it all the way to a trial. Whether you need a legal representative in pretrial negotiations or to stand up for you in front of a judge and jury, we can help.

Contact Our Civil Lawyer in Connecticut Today

At Morrissey, Morrissey & Rydzik, LLC, our legal team has diligently served the Connecticut community since 1987. We are deeply committed to helping our neighbors succeed when faced with a civil legal matter. Whether your business has been served a lawsuit or you are looking to file an injury claim following a serious accident, our legal team is here for you.

In a civil case, you need to be certain that your attorney is committed to the full protection of your interests. That is the level of counsel you will receive at our firm. Call (203) 275-0947 today!

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