Case Results

  • $493,968 plus $754,000 in Medicare set aside
    Workers' Compensation
    A 59-year-old claimant who sustained repetitive trauma bilateral shoulder injuries.
  • $1,011,680
    Worker's Compensation
    Finding and Award for widow's benefits after a full trial against the City of New Britain. Case then settled for $1,011,680. Lump sum payment of $300,000, the balance payable over 10 years.
  • $594,190 plus $322,095 in Medicare set aside
    Workers' Compensation
    a claimant who sustained a back injury requiring surgery and ongoing pain management.
  • $900,000 plus money for Medicare set aside.
    Worker's Compensation
    Lower back injury involving contested total disability claim for 54 year old employee
  • $825,000 Settlement, medical coverage for life
    Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian Lawsuit
    Pedestrian injured by snowplow at workplace.
  • $573,375 plus $128,680 in Medicare set aside.
    Workers' Compensation
    A 57-year-old claimant who sustained left shoulder and left elbow injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Involved a contested claim for permanent total disability benefits.
  • $686,000 for surviving spouse and children
    Workers' Compensation
    Death Claim - decedent perished under unknown circumstances at work.
  • $634,000
    Heart and Hypertension
    Police Officer - Heart and Hypertension Claim, 30 yr annuity & health insurance for officer & spouse for life.
  • $162,343
    Worker's Compensation
    Finding and Award for Stamford police officer after trial and appeals to CRB and Appellate Court. Addtional partial settlement of $75,000 to resolve claims of interest and litigation cost. The claim remains open